(a)   Exceptions to this Zoning Ordinance, as authorized by the district regulations, shall be made by special use permit after the request has been duly advertised and a public hearing held as required by law. Home occupation special use permits shall be subject to the requirements of § 17-2902, as well as division (e) below. All other special use permits shall be subject to the following requirements.
   (b)   Prior to review of the request of an exception by the Board of Zoning Appeals, the applicant shall:
      (1)   File an application on forms provided.
      (2)   File with the application a statement certifying that the applicant is the lawful owner of the real estate upon which the excepted use is proposed or that he has the lawful right to receive a conveyance thereof if the application is granted.
      (3)   File a form of declaration of restrictions indicating the use which is to be made by the legal owner if the application is granted. Said restrictions must show that use of the land will be solely that which was applied for as an excepted use. The restriction must provide that, if such use is abandoned or is proposed to be changed, the subsequent use shall be in conformity with the zoning restrictions in effect as to the land prior to authorization of the exception, unless a new application for an excepted use is made and granted.
   (c)   A plot plan shall be filed with the application showing:
      (1)   Legal dimension of the tract to be used.
      (2)   Location of all proposed improvements including curb cut access, off street parking, and other such facilities as the applicant proposes to install.
      (3)   Grade elevations.
      (4)   Building setback from all property lines.
      (5)   Front, side, and rear elevations of all improvements to be erected.
      (6)   Perspective drawings of the proposed improvements, in such detail as will clearly show the finished appearance of the improvements proposed.
      (7)   Location and type of planting, screening, or walls.
      (8)   Such other items as the Board shall deem reasonably necessary to process the application properly.
   (d)   In addition to publishing the notice of public hearing to consider the special use permit application, as required under § 17-3307, the city shall mail said notice to all owners of property within the city boundary located within 200 feet of the premises whereon the special use is to be conducted, and if said premises is located outside or adjacent to the city boundary, owners of property outside the city boundary located within 1,000 feet of said premises.
   (e)   In considering any application for an exception hereunder, the Board of Zoning Appeals shall give consideration to the Comprehensive Plan, and the health, safety, morals, comfort, and general welfare of the public, including, but not limited to, the following factors:
      (1)   The stability and integrity of the various zoning district.
      (2)   Conservation of property values.
      (3)   Protecting against fire and casualties.
      (4)   Observation of general police regulations.
      (5)   Prevention of traffic congestion.
      (6)   Promotion of traffic safety and the orderly parking of motor vehicles.
      (7)   Promotion of the safety of individuals and property.
      (8)   Provision for adequate light and air.
      (9)   Prevention of overcrowding and excessive intensity of land uses.
      (10)   Provision for public utilities and schools.
      (11)   Invasion by inappropriate uses.
      (12)   Value, type, and character of existing or authorized improvements and land uses.
      (13)   Encouragement of improvements and land uses in keeping with overall planning.
      (14)   Provision for orderly and proper urban renewal, development, and growth.
   (f)   Exceptions may be granted by the Board of Zoning Appeals only where special use permits are specifically authorized by the district regulations.