(a)   Site plan approval shall lapse six months following issuance of the associated building or zoning review permit if construction has not commenced, and shall also lapse if construction has stalled for a period of six months. Approval of a new site plan in accordance with this Article and issuance of a new permit shall be required in order to commence or to continue construction.
   (b)   If, within one year after a temporary or permanent certificate of occupancy has been issued with respect to the building associated with an approved site plan, the Zoning Administrator finds that any of the site plan requirements are not in place, or if the terms of a site plan performance agreement have otherwise not been met within the timeframe set forth therein, he or she shall notify the owner in writing as to the action(s) necessary to bring the project into compliance with the approved site plan or agreement. Failure to address the deficiencies noted within a reasonable time period granted by the Administrator shall authorize the city to pursue enforcement action against a zoning violation, pursuant to the provisions of § 17-3204 of the Zoning Ordinance.