Where a single-family or two-family residence is proposed on a tract, or where a non-residential primary building is proposed, having a floor area of under 2,500 square feet, a minor site plan shall be submitted and approved by the Zoning Administrator prior to approval of a building permit, or a zoning review permit in the case of property located within the City of Wamego Extraterritorial Zoning Jurisdiction. Preparation by a design professional is not required. Such minor site plan shall contain the following features:
   (a)   Name and address of the property owner.
   (b)   North arrow and scale of the plan.
   (c)   All existing lot lines, easements, buildings setback lines and rights-of-way. Include tract area in acres or square feet.
   (d)   The location and use of all existing and proposed structures on the site. Include floor area dimensions, floor elevation with respect to a reference point or datum and show all exterior entrances for personnel and vehicles.
   (e)   Driveways, and exterior parking areas, with existing and required public sidewalks adjoining the tract depicted.
   (f)   The approximate location of public utility lines and proposed connection points. Indicate if overhead or underground. Where private wells and/or sewage disposal is proposed, indicate the location of significant features. If located outside the Wamego City limits, a heal permit approved by the Pottawatomie County Sanitarian shall be required, and county regulations shall be adhered to, and if located within the city limits and allowable with respect to other city codes, a letter from the Sanitarian certifying the appropriateness of the proposed private well and/or sewage disposal shall be required.
   (g)   The direction of existing and proposed storm drainage from the site.
   (h)   If the property is located in a FEMA designated flood hazard area, the area and the base flood elevation. Also provide the elevation of the lowest floor in the building.
   (i)   Other features where required by the Zoning Ordinance, such as screening fences and landscaping.
   (j)   Additional features required by the Zoning Administrator to properly evaluate the proposed development for special circumstances.