The review of the Zoning Administrator shall be based on the following standards and requirements:
   (a)   Conformity with the applicable requirements of the Zoning Ordinance, e.g., setbacks, height and intensity, parking and loading, landscaping, stormwater management, signage, etc. Such review shall be in addition to site plan review required to determine conformity with other city codes, e.g., the International Building Code, International Fire Code, etc. performed by other city officials.
   (b)   Consistency with the objectives of the City of Wamego Comprehensive Plan.
   (c)   Promotion of safe and easy ingress, egress and internal traffic circulation.
   (d)   Promotion of appropriate utility improvements (water, sewer, electric, etc.) and connections with the existing system. In the case of development where high utility demand is proposed, this standard shall also include preventing the over taxing of the utility system(s). Utility demand projections may be required by the Zoning Administrator. A health permit approved by the Pottawatomie County Sanitarian shall be required where a private well and/or sewage disposal system is/are proposed, and the county requirements for such private utilities shall be adhered to.
   (e)   Preservation of environmental features where practical, e.g., trees, soils, wetlands, etc.
   (f)   Compatibility with adjoining land uses, including provision of adequate protection for neighboring properties against fire, noise, explosion, glare, odor, hazardous waste, or other objectionable features or nuisances.
   (g)   Provision of sidewalks along public streets, as follows:
      (1)   Arterial streets required along both sides of the street.
      (2)   Collector and local streets - required along one side of the street.
      (3)   Cul-de-sacs - sidewalks are not required along the turnaround portion of a cul-de-sac; however, they are required along one side of the cul-de-sac drive (if any). Sidewalks must ramp to street grade at the end point either at a driveway or by a special sidewalk ramp.
      (4)   All public and private sidewalks shall comply with the applicable provisions of the American National Standards Institute Specifications for making buildings and facilities accessible to and usable by the physically handicapped, as required by K.S.A. 58-1301.
   (h)   Protection against flood hazards. The 100-year flood elevation, using coefficients assuming complete development of the catchment area, shall be the basis for establishing flood protection easements as determined by application of the design criteria contained under Section 4 of the 2008 Wamego Stormwater Master Plan, prepared by Wilson & Co.
   (i)   Provisions of efficient mail delivery and maintenance of mail facilities.
   (j)   Approvals by other governments or private parties having authority or rights with respects to aspects of the development proposal, such as street and road access.