Prior to approving a building permit, or a zoning review in the case of property located within the Wamego Extraterritorial Zoning Jurisdiction, the Zoning Administrator shall review and approve a site plan, stamped by a registered professional engineer, architect, or landscape architect at a professionally acceptable scale suitable to the size of the project, on standard 24" x 36" sheets. Two copies of the site plan shall ordinarily be submitted; however, the Zoning Administrator may require additional copies where special review is warranted. The site plan shall contain the following items:
   (a)   Name of the project, address, boundaries, date, north arrow, and scale of the plan.
   (b)   Name and address of the owner of record, developer, and seal of the engineer, architect or landscape architect.
   (c)   Name of all owners of record of adjoining property.
   (d)   All existing lot lines, easements, building setback lines and right-of-way, with area in acres or square feet, and buildings on adjoining properties indicated.
   (e)   The location and use of all existing and proposed buildings and structures within the development site, including fencing, with all dimensions of height and floor area, the number of living units (if any), exterior entrances and all anticipated future additions and alterations depicted.
   (f)   The location of all present and proposed public and private ways, including parking and loading areas, driveways, fire lanes, sidewalks, ramps and curbs. Parking areas should depict the configuration of stalls and aisles.
   (g)   The Zoning Administrator may require location, height, and intensity of all exterior lighting fixtures. The direction of illumination and methods to eliminate glare onto adjoining properties may also be required.
   (h)   The location, height, size, and type of major signage.
   (i)   The landscaping plan showing all existing open space trees and water features, and all proposed changes to these features, including size and type of plant material, retaining walls, etc.
   (j)   The locations, dimensions and materials of all existing and proposed water (including hydrants) and sanitary sewage systems, and the location and dimensions of all other public service connections, including gas lines, power lines and telecommunications lines, indicating whether overhead or underground.
   (k)   The storm drainage system, including existing and proposed drain lines, culverts, catch basins, headwalls, endwalls, manholes and drainage swales. Stormwater management plans in accordance with the Stormwater Management provisions of this Zoning Ordinance shall be presented, where required.
   (l)   Existing and proposed topography shown at not more than two-foot contour intervals. Indicate the reference datum. If any portion of the site is within the 100-year flood plain, the area shall be shown, with base flood elevations, and the developer shall present plans for meeting applicable Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requirements. The areas subject to inundation by a 100-year flood assuming full development of the catchment basin, shall be included in a protection easement, with calculated flood elevations depicted at periodic intervals. Such easement may be released upon approval of the city where fill has been placed to a level higher than the calculated 100-year flood elevation.
   (m)   Zoning district boundaries adjacent to the site's perimeter shall be drawn and identified on the plan.
   (n)   Traffic flow patterns within the site, entrances and exits, and curb cuts on the site and within 100 feet of the site.
   (o)   The location of trash storage facilities.
   (p)   A Mail Delivery Plan approved by the U.S. Postal Service specifying the type of mailboxes to be employed for the development (individual curbside boxes, cluster boxes, post office boxes, etc.), the party or parties responsible for purchasing, installing and maintaining the mailboxes, and the timing of the mailbox installation, with depiction of the mailbox location(s).
   (q)   Certification(s) by officials representing other governments, or by private parties having authority or rights with respect to aspects of the proposed development, such as street and road access.
   (r)   Other features, which may be required by the Zoning Administrator to properly evaluate compliance with the Zoning Ordinance.
   (s)   Certification that the owner has reviewed the site plan and will comply with all specifications, changes, and amendments herein, and acknowledging that the site plan instrument creates a legally enforceable obligation to build and develop in accordance with all final agreements.