The following regulations shall apply to manufactured homes located in the Wamego Zoning Jurisdiction:
   (a)   All manufactured homes intended for new installation in the zoning jurisdiction of the City of Wamego after the effective date of this Title shall bear a certification plate pursuant to the "National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act of 1974", 4Z U.S.C. 5401 et seq., as amended.
   (b)   No manufactured home, or portion thereof, shall be moved onto any lot or parcel for storage or any other purpose than for a residence in any district and no such home shall be temporarily or permanently located in any district not otherwise permitting such homes. These provisions do not preclude the use of prefabricated mobile structures designed for offices in business or industrial districts, but no manufactured/mobile homes unless specifically permitted.
   (c)   Residential design manufactured homes shall comply with the following:
      (1)   The unit shall be HUD certified.
      (2)   Roof covering shall be residential in appearance, including but not limited to, approved wood, asphalt composition or fiberglass shingles, but excluding corrugated aluminum or corrugated fiberglass.
      (3)   Exterior siding shall be of a non-reflective material such as wood, composition, simulated wood, clapboards, conventional vinyl metal siding, brick, stucco, or similar materials, but excluding smooth, ribbed or corrugated metal or plastic panels. Siding material shall extend below the top of the exterior foundation wall or the joint between siding and foundation wall shall be flashed.
      (4)   The manufactured home shall be installed in accordance with the recommended installation procedures of the manufacturer or the standards set by the International Conference of Building Officials and published in "Guidelines for Manufactured Housing Installations", as amended. A continuous permanent masonry foundation or masonry curtain wall, un-pierced except for required ventilation and access, which may include basements and garages, shall be installed under the perimeter of the home.
      (5)   At each exit door there shall be a landing that is a minimum of three by three feet.
      (6)   All manufactured home running gear, tongues, axles, and wheels must be removed from the site at the time of installation of the home on the lot.
      (7)   Any addition to the residential-design manufactured home shall comply with all construction requirements of the Federal Manufactured Homes Construction and Safety Standards, otherwise known as the HUD code.
      (8)   The finished floor of the residential-design manufactured home shall be a maximum of 18 inches above the exterior finished grade of the lot on which it is located.