§ 17-2903 FENCES.
   Except as otherwise specifically provided in other codes, ordinances, or resolutions, the following regulations shall apply to the construction offences:
   (a)   (1)   Fences installed on individual residential zoning lots may be constructed in a front yard out to the lot lines provided that fences constructed in any portion of a front yard shall not exceed four feet in height and shall be designed to include at least 70% open space. Fences in a front yard shall not be constructed beyond the sidewalk.
      (2)   In all other circumstances, including commercial and industrial development, and public and quasi-public uses such as school grounds, parks and other administrative facilities, fences may be constructed in a front yard, except that no fence, unless erected for such public and quasi-public uses, shall be constructed to a height greater than six feet unless otherwise authorized by the Board of Zoning Appeals upon a finding that the public welfare will be preserved.
   (b)   No fence shall be constructed which will constitute a traffic hazard and no permit shall be granted for the construction of a fence unless the City Building Inspector has certified that the proposed fence will not constitute a traffic hazard or a safety hazard to pedestrians.
   (c)   No fence shall be constructed in such a manner or be of such design as to be hazardous or dangerous to persons or animals.
   (d)   No person shall erect or maintain any fence which will materially damage the adjacent property by obstructing the view, shutting out the sunlight, or hindering ventilation, or any fence which shall adversely affect the public health, safety, and welfare.
   (e)   All fences shall conform to the construction standards of the building code and other applicable ordinances and resolutions.
   (f)   Fences shall be exempt from the provisions of § 17-2904; however, the city retains the right to remove any fence for right-of-way or easement purposes.
   (g)   Lot line landscaping including low berming and decorative elements not exceeding three feet in height shall not constitute a fence within the meaning of this definition.