No building or structure shall be erected, enlarged, reconstructed, or moved into the planning area with less than the following:
   (a)   Dwelling units.
      (1)   All dwelling units shall provide a minimum floor area, exclusive of porches, breezeways, and garages, as follows:
Type of Dwelling
Minimum Area
800 square feet
800 square feet per unit
600 square feet per unit
      (2)   Every dwelling unit shall be provided with at least one water closet, which water closet shall be located within the dwelling and a room, which affords privacy.
      (3)   Every dwelling unit shall contain a kitchen sink, which is connected to running water and an approved sewer system.
      (4)   Every dwelling unit shall be provided with an approved electrical service.
      (5)   Every dwelling unit shall be enclosed with an exterior wall surface, other than tar paper or corrugated metal.
      (6)   No basement or cellar shall be occupied for residential purposes until the main portion, aboveground, is completed.
   (b)   Motels.
      (1)   The number of motel units permitted on a tract of land shall not exceed the number obtained by dividing the total square feet of area of the site by 1,500.
      (2)   Motels shall be served with an approved public water supply and approved public sanitary sewer system.
      (3)   Each motel unit shall contain not less than 200 square feet of floor area.
   (c)   Tents. No tent, except play tents for children, shall be used for any purpose except those authorized by the Governing Body.