(a)   Front yard.
      (1)   No front yard setback is required for existing uses. New structures shall provide a front yard having a depth of not less than 25 feet measured from the front property line except as required for arterial and collector streets in Article 29 of this Title.
      (2)   Where a lot or lots have double frontage, the required front yard shall be provided on both streets.
      (3)   Where a lot is located at the intersection of two or more streets, there shall be a front yard on each street side of the corner lot except the buildable width of such lot shall not be reduced to less than 35 feet except where necessary to provide a yard on the side street not less than five feet in width.
      (4)   No accessory building shall project beyond the front yard line on either street.
   (b)   Side yard. There shall be a side yard on each side of each building and said side yard shall not be less than the average height of adjacent buildings. The required side yards for the lot or tract shall be ten feet.
   (c)   Rear yard. There shall be a rear yard having a depth of not less than 15 feet.