(a)   Animal hospitals or clinics.
   (b)   Auto sales and repair.
   (c)   Billboards subject to requirements outlined in Article 24 of this Title.
   (d)   Bottling works.
   (e)   Building material sales (except for ready-mix concrete and similar uses which emit dust, odor, or smoke).
   (f)   Carpenter, cabinet, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and sheet metal shops.
   (g)   Car wash establishments.
   (h)   Cheese factory.
   (i)   Contractor's office and equipment storage yard, providing the storage yard is completely enclosed with a six foot solid fence or wall.
   (j)   Dog kennels.
   (k)   Dry cleaning and/or laundry plants.
   (l)   Farm implement sales and services.
   (m)   Frozen food lockers.
   (n)   Greenhouses and nurseries, retail and wholesale.
   (o)   Light manufacturing operations, providing that such use is not noxious or offensive by reason of vibration or noise beyond the confines of the building or emission of dust, fumes, gas, odor, or smoke.
   (p)   Machinery sales and storage lots.
   (q)   Mini warehouses
   (r)   Monument sales.
   (s)   Motor vehicle and farm implement sales and storage.
   (t)   Public utility and public service uses as follows:
      (1)   Municipal power plant.
      (2)   Substations.
      (3)   Railroads.
      (4)   Telephone exchanges, microwave towers, radio towers, television towers, telephone transmission buildings, electric power plants.
      (5)   Public utility storage yards when the entire storage area is enclosed by at least a six foot wall or fence.
   (u)   Sign printing and manufacturing.
   (v)   Truck and rail terminals.
   (w)   Upholstering shops.
   (x)   Vehicle body repair, provided all repair operations are conducted in a closed building and that all outside storage shall be enclosed by a six foot solid fence.
   (y)   Warehouses.
   (z)   Wholesale merchandise sales and storage.
   (aa)   The following uses of land may be allowed in this district by special use permit when submitted, reviewed and approved by the Board of Zoning Appeals:
      (1)   Livestock auction sales.
      (2)   Grain elevators, feed and seed sales.
      (3)   Wireless communications towers subject to the provisions of Article 29 of this Title.