(a)   Adding machine and other small business machine repair, sales, and services.
   (b)   Adult day care.
   (c)   Amusement places.
   (d)   Antique shops and stores, providing all merchandise is displayed and sold inside a building.
   (e)   Apartments on floors other than the ground floor.
   (f)   Apparel and accessory stores.
   (g)   Appliance stores.
   (h)   Art and art supply stores.
   (i)   Artist studios.
   (j)   Auditoriums and similar places of public assembly.
   (k)   Automobile accessory and supply stores.
   (l)   Automobile mechanic shops.
   (m)   Automobile parking lots and garages.
   (n)   Automobile sales and service.
   (o)   Bakery and pastry shops (retail only).
   (p)   Banks and other savings and lending institutions.
   (q)   Barber shops, beauty shops and chiropody, massage, or similar personal services.
   (r)   Bicycle shops.
   (s)   Books and stationery stores.
   (t)   Bowling centers and recreational buildings.
   (u)   Business and technical schools including schools for photography, dancing, and music.
   (v)   Cigar and tobacco stores.
   (w)   Clothing stores.
   (x)   Clothing and costume rental shops.
   (y)   Commercial recreational uses.
   (z)   Custom dressmaking, millinery, tailoring, and similar trades.
   (aa)   Dance studios.
   (bb)   Day care.
   (cc)   Delicatessens and catering establishments.
   (dd)   Department stores.
   (ee)   Drug stores and prescription shops.
   (ff)   Dry goods and notions stores.
   (gg)   Electric appliance, computer and equipment sales and repair shops.
   (hh)   Electric substations, telephone exchange, and utility regulator stations.
   (ii)   Fire stations, police stations, jails.
   (jj)   Fix-it shops (radio, television, and small household appliances).
   (kk)   Florist and gift shops.
   (ll)   Funeral homes and mortuaries.
   (mm)   Furniture and home furnishing stores.
   (nn)   Government buildings.
   (oo)   Grocery, fruit, and vegetable stores (retail only).
   (pp)   Gymnasiums and fitness salons.
   (qq)   Gun shops.
   (rr)   Hardware stores.
   (ss)   Hobby, stamp, and coin shops.
   (tt)   Hotels and motels.
   (uu)   Household appliance stores.
   (vv)   Interior decorator shops.
   (ww)   Jewelry and metal craft stores and shops.
   (xx)   Leather goods and luggage stores.
   (yy)   Libraries and museums (public).
   (zz)   Liquor stores.
   (aaa)   Lock and key shops.
   (bbb)   Mail order catalog stores.
   (ccc)   Medical, dental, and health clinics.
   (ddd)   Medical and orthopedic appliance stores.
   (eee)   Meeting halls and auditoriums (including union halls, Elks Lodge, American Legion Home, VFW, Masons, etc.)
   (fff)   Messenger and telegraph service stations.
   (ggg)   Music instrument sales and repair shops.
   (hhh)   Music stores and studios.
   (iii)   Newspaper offices.
   (jjj)   Plumbing, heating, and air-conditioning shops, providing all materials and equipment are located in a completely enclosed building.
   (kkk)   Printing shops and printing supply stores.
   (lll)   Newsstands.
   (mmm)   Office supply and office equipment sales and service stores.
   (nnn)   Offices and office buildings.
   (ooo)   Optician and optometrist shops.
   (ppp)   Paint and glass stores.
   (qqq)   Parking lots and garages.
   (rrr)   Parks and open spaces.
   (sss)   Pawn shops.
   (ttt)    Pet shops.
   (uuu)   Photographic equipment sales and supply stores.
   (vvv)   Photographic studios.
   (www)   Picture framing shops.
   (xxx)   Prescription shops.
   (yyy)   Printing and publishing houses (including newspapers).
   (zzz)   Professional offices.
   (aaaa)   Public buildings, including post office, city offices, county offices, state offices.
   (bbbb)   Radio and television studios.
   (cccc)   Railway, taxi, and bus passenger stations.
   (dddd)   Restaurants and tea rooms.
   (eeee)   Service stations.
   (ffff)   Self-service laundries.
   (gggg)   Sewing machine shops and stores.
   (hhhh)   Shoe stores.
   (iiii)   Shoe repair and shoeshine shops.
   (jjjj)   Sporting and athletic goods stores.
   (kkkk)   Tailor shops.
   (llll)   Taverns.
   (mmmm)   Television and radio sales and service establishments.
   (nnnn)   Theaters.
   (oooo)   Thrift shops.
   (pppp)   Toy stores.
   (qqqq)   Travel bureaus.
   (rrrr)   Upholstery repair and refurbishing.
   (ssss)   Used car lots.
   (tttt)   Utility company offices.
   (uuuu)   Variety stores.
   (vvvv)   Wallpaper and paint stores.
   (wwww)   Watch and watch repair shops.
   (xxxx)   Accessory uses customarily incidental to the above uses.
   (yyyy)   The following uses may be allowed by special use permit when submitted, reviewed, and approved by the Board of Zoning Appeals, and under such conditions as the Board may impose:
      (1)   Retail lumber yards, providing all materials and equipment are stored in a completely enclosed building or are screened by a minimum six foot high solid fence.