(a)   The applicant for a manufactured housing park shall prepare or cause to be prepared an application for rezoning and a development plan and shall present ten copies of the plan for review by the Planning Commission. The development plan shall show topography and the location and size of:
      (1)   Manufactured housing sites.
      (2)   Service buildings.
      (3)   Off-street parking areas.
      (4)   Electrical outlets.
      (5)   Sewer outlets.
      (6)   Water outlets.
      (7)   Water lines.
      (8)   Sewer lines.
      (9)   Recreational areas.
      (10)   Landscaped areas and walls or fences.
      (11)   Roadways.
      (12)   Sidewalks.
      (13)   Storm shelter.
   (b)   Following a rezoning hearing, as required by law and preliminary approval of the development plan, the Planning Commission shall submit the plan together with a record of the hearing plus its formal recommendations to the Governing Body for final approval.
   (c)   When final approvals have been obtained, the Zoning Administrator shall issue a permit to operate the manufactured housing park.
   (d)   Upon the issuance of the permit for a manufactured home park or court, the city shall have the authority to have said manufactured home inspected by the proper inspecting officer of the city, and if it shall be found that the holder of said permit has made any false or misleading statements in his application or has placed or caused to be placed more manufactured homes in said manufactured home park or court than provided for and set forth in said application for permit, or that said holder of said permit has violated or caused to be violated any provision of this Article, the city Governing Body shall have the power to revoke said permit.
   (e)   If the city shall determine upon proper inspection by the inspecting officer of the city, that the sanitary condition of the manufactured home park shall have become so unsanitary as to endanger health or welfare of occupants of said manufactured home park or the surrounding community, or that said sanitary facilities have become inadequate to properly protect the occupants of said manufactured park, the city Governing Body shall have the power to require the holder of said manufactured home park permit, within ten days, to set said manufactured home park in proper sanitary condition. If, upon notice from the city to the holder of the permit as aforesaid, the owner or manager of said manufactured home park shall fail or refuse to place said park or court in sanitary condition, the city Governing Body shall have the right to revoke said permit.
   (f)   Whenever a property zoned "M-P" ceases to be used for such purposes for a period of one year, the Planning Commission shall initiate action and hold a public hearing to rezone said property back to its former zoning district classification.
   (g)   After the effective date of this Title, no new manufactured housing park may be operated and no existing park expanded, except in accordance with these regulations and under permit from the Zoning Administrator.