(a)   The application for the establishment of loading zones shall be as follows:
      (1)   Application shall be made in writing to the Chief of Police;
      (2)   The Chief of Police shall cause such application to be investigated and determine the necessity for the proposed loading zone as set forth in the application;
      (3)   The Chief of Police shall immediately thereafter report his or her findings to the governing body in writing together with his or her recommendation as to the disposition of the application; and
      (4)   After recommended disposition is made by the Chief of Police, the entire file shall be submitted to the governing body who will either approve or reject the recommendation.
   (b)   If the application is favorably acted upon, the City Clerk shall notify the Chief of Police who will cause the loading zone to be marked with appropriate signs or markings showing that such designated area is a loading zone.
   (c)   The privilege granted under this section may be revoked at any time by seven days’ written notice to the applicant. No rights granted hereunder are transferable.
(Ord. 686, passed 7-6-1971)