Before operating any special purpose utility vehicle on any public highway, street, road or alley within the corporate limits of the city, the vehicle shall be registered with the Police Department and display a valid registration decal affixed and displayed in such a manner as to be clearly visible from the rear of the vehicle. The application shall be made upon forms provided by the city and each application shall contain the name of the owner, the owner’s residence address or bona fide place of business, a brief description of the vehicle to be registered (including make, model and serial number, if applicable). Proof of insurance, as required under § 14-108 shall be furnished at the time of application for registration. The annual registration fee for a special purpose vehicle shall be $25. The full amount of the license fee shall be required regardless of the time of year that the application is made. The license issued hereunder is not transferable.
(Ord. 1547, passed 9-1-2009)