§ 32.02 VACANCIES.
   (A)   Vacancies. If one or more vacancies on Council occur in a way that one or more members remain seated, the remaining members shall within 30 days fill the vacancies one at a time, giving each new appointee reasonable notice of his selection as will enable him to meet and act with the remaining members in making further appointments until all vacancies are filled. If vacancies occur in a way that all seats become vacant, the Governor shall appoint qualified persons to fill the vacancies sufficient to constitute a quorum. Remaining vacancies are filled as provided in this section.
      (1)   No vacancy by reason of a voluntary resignation of a member of the City Council shall occur unless a written resignation which specifies a resignation date is tendered to the City Council. The resignation shall be effective at the next regular or special meeting of the city legislative body occurring after the date specified in the written letter of resignation.
(KRS 83A.040 (7))
      (2)   If a vacancy occurs on the City Council which is required by law to be filled temporarily by appointment, the City Council shall immediately notify in writing both the County Clerk and the Secretary of State of the vacancy. (KRS 83A.040 (8))
   (B)   Failure to fill vacancies. If for any reason, any vacancy on Council is not filled within 30 days after it occurs, the Governor shall promptly fill the vacancy by appointment of a qualified person who shall serve for the same period as if otherwise appointed. (KRS 83A.040 (6))
Statutory reference:
   Filling of vacancies for nonpartisan city office, see KRS 83A.175