Application for a Development Permit shall be made to the Boone County Building Department (Local Administrator) on forms furnished by him or her prior to any development activities, and may include, but not be  limited to, the following: plans in duplicate drawn to scale showing the nature, location, dimensions, and elevations of the area in question; existing or proposed structures,  fill, storage of materials, drainage facilities, and the location of the foregoing.  Specifically, the following information is required:
   (A)   Application Stage.
      (1)   Elevation in relation to Mean Sea Level of the proposed lowest floor (including basement) of all buildings:
      (2)   Elevation in relation to Mean Sea Level to which any non-residential building will be flood-proofed:
      (3)   Certificate from a registered professional engineer or architect that the non-residential flood-proofed building will meet the flood-proofing criteria in Article 5, Section 2;
      (4)   Description of the extent to which any watercourse will be altered or relocated as a result of proposed development; and,
   (B)   Construction Stage.
   Provide a floor elevation or flood-proofing certification after the lowest floor is completed.  Upon placement of the lowest floor, or flood-proofing by whatever construction means, it shall be the duty of the permit holder to submit to the Boone County Building Department (Local Administrator) a certification of the elevation of the lowest floor or flood-proofed elevation, as built, in relation to Mean Sea Level.  Said certification shall be prepared by or under the direct supervision of a registered land surveyor or professional engineer and certified by same.  When flood-proofing is utilized for a particular building, said certification shall be prepared by or under the direct supervision of a professional engineer or architect and certified by same.  Any work undertaken prior to the submission of the certification shall be at the permit holder's risk.  The Boone County.Building Department (Local Administrator) shall review the floor elevation survey data submitted.  Deficiencies detected by such review shall be corrected by the permit holder immediately and prior to further progressive work being permitted to proceed.  Failure to submit the survey or failure to make said corrections required hereby, shall be cause to issue a stop-work order for the project.
(Ord. 1997-06, Passed 4-14-97)