§ 140.14  ENFORCEMENT.
   (A)   Before enforcing any provision of this subchapter by a citation, arrest, or other custodial activity, the enforcing officer(s)shall inquire of the person suspected of being a minor as to the actual age of that person and his or her reason and purpose for remaining or otherwise being in a public place or establishment during the curfew hours.
   (B)   No enforcing officer shall enforce any provision of this subchapter by any citation, arrest or other custodial activity unless the officer reasonably believes from the responses of the person suspected of being a minor or any other circumstances, that an offense and violation of this subchapter has occurred; and that there are no defenses to the enforcement of this subchapter as described herein.
   (C)   In the enforcement of this subchapter, all enforcing officers shall comply with the duties identified in KRS 610.200 through 610.280; and shall also comply with the provisions of all other applicable laws, including, without limitation, the Kentucky Unified Juvenile Code in KRS Chapters 600 to 645.
(Ord. 2004-09, passed 12-13-04)