Any animal deemed by the Boone District Court to be a vicious animal shall in addition to being registered with Boone County Animal Control, meet the following requirements:
   (A)   All vicious animals shall be confined in an enclosure constructed of an uncovered fence or structure of at least seven feet (7') in height with anticlimbers or a covered structure of sufficient height to allow the dog to stand erect without touching the top or cover.  All enclosures shall be designed to prevent the entry of small children and shall be suitable to confine the vicious animal.  Such enclosures shall be securely closed and locked and shall be designed to prevent the animal from digging out or otherwise escaping from the enclosure.
   (B)   The enclosure shall display a sign warning of the vicious animal and shall be visible from the public roadway or public access if applicable.
   (C)   It shall be unlawful to allow any vicious animal outside of the dwelling of its owner or outside of the enclosure unless it is necessary to obtain veterinary care or under the direction of Boone County Animal Control.  If the vicious animal must be allowed outside the permitted areas it shall be under the direct control and supervision of its owner or keeper and shall be muzzled and restrained with a lead or leash not to exceed three feet (3') in length or placed in a secure animal carrier.
   (D)   The owner or keeper of a vicious animal shall immediately notify Boone County Animal Control if the animal is loose, unconfined, has attacked an animal or human being, or is deceased.
(Ord. 1995-13, passed 10-9-95)