(A)   The Joint Board shall have the powers to:
      (1)   Adopt rules and regulations to govern its operations and the conduct of its hearings;
      (2)   Conduct hearings, or assign a hearing officer to conduct a hearing, to determine if there has been a violation of an ordinance over which it has jurisdiction. Any Joint Board members, including the chairman, may also be assigned to conduct hearings on behalf of the Joint Board.
      (3)   Subpoena alleged violators, witnesses, and evidence to its hearings. Subpoenas issued by the Joint Board may be served by any Code Enforcement Officer;
      (4)   Take testimony under oath. The chairman, or an assigned hearing officer, shall have the authority to administer oaths for the purpose of taking testimony.
      (5)   Make findings of fact and issue orders necessary to remedy any violation of a party’s ordinance or code provision which the Joint Board is authorized to enforce; and
      (6)   Impose civil fines for violations of the respective ordinances of the parties that conform to the requirements of KRS 65.8808 over which the Joint Board has jurisdiction.
   (B)   The Joint Board shall not have the authority to enforce any ordinance of which the violation constitutes a criminal offense under any provision of the Kentucky Revised Statutes, including, specifically, any provision of the Kentucky Penal Code and any moving motor vehicle offense.
(Ord. 2017-17, passed 12-12-17)