The rates and charges for water services furnished by the city are hereby fixed and established on a monthly basis as follows:
   (A)   Minimum water rate.  The minimum water bill to water customers shall be eighteen dollars and twenty-five cents ($18.25) per month inside city limits, twenty-one dollars and eight cents ($21.08) per month outside city limits.
   (B)   Meter rates for water usage in addition to minimum charge.  Subject to the minimum monthly water rate specified above, the following meter charge shall be made per 1,000 gallons of water consumption per month to customers of all size connections:
Number of Gallons of Water Per Month
Inside City Limits
Outside City Limits
First: 2,000 gallons or less
Next: 3,000 gallons
Next: 5,000 gallons
All over 10,000 gallons
The foregoing monthly water rates, exclusive of the minimum rate for the first 2,000 gallons or less of water per month, shall be based on actual usage.
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