(A)   In the event the sewage, water or other liquid wastes being discharged into the municipal sewer facilities from any building or premises contains unduly high concentrates of any substances which add to the operating costs of the municipal sewer facilities, then special rates, rentals or charges may be established, charged and collected as to such building or premises, or the owner or other interested party may be required to specifically treat such sewage, waste or other liquid waste before it is discharged into the municipal sewer facilities.
   (B)   Whenever it is determined by the manager to be necessary to classify any commercial institutions or industries by reason of the unusual purpose for which water is used, or by reason of the character of the sewage, water, or other liquid wastes discharged therefrom, or whenever the established schedules of rates and charges for any reason are not applicable, then special rates or other charges may be established by the governing body of the city, and any person, firm, or corporation being dissatisfied with the established schedules or rates and charges by reason of peculiar or unusual use of occupancy of any premises, and consequently alleging peculiar or unusual uses of water, may file application with the governing body of the city or with any other board or body of said city which may be in charge and control of the municipal waterworks and sewer systems, for special classification rates and charges.
(Ord. 1991-27, passed 12-12-91)  Penalty, see § 50.99