(A)   Whenever the city shall determine that it is feasible to provide water service to a customer, the city shall install, maintain, and operate a main distribution pipeline or lines from the system's source of water supply and shall further install and maintain such portions of the necessary water service lines as may be needed to bring water from a water main to the lot or easement of a customer.  The cost of same shall be that of the customer.  All taps, meters, fittings, and shutoff valves shall always remain the property of the city.  Each customer shall install and maintain at his own expense, that portion of the service line from said lot or easement line to his premises, including a stop and waste cock at the end of the house side of his service, which items shall belong to the customer.  The minimum earth cover of the customer's service line shall be 30 inches.  The manager shall determine the size and kind of service to be installed.
   (B)   Commercial/Industrial customers shall be responsible for installation of meter service after payment of tap-on charge except where the line is 3/4" inch in diameter.
(Ord. 1991-27, passed 12-12-91)  Penalty, see § 50.99