All architects, contractors, builders, or other persons, before commencing the erection of any building or other improvement capable of emitting liquid wastes or sewage, on any lot or parcel or land abutting on a street, alley or easement in which there may be hereafter installed and maintained any such sewage collection line, or on any lot or parcel of land through which there may be hereafter installed a sewage collection line, or to which a sewage collection line is made available, shall before erecting or installing such building or improvement, exhibit to the City Council, or to such official as the City Council may designate, satisfactory evidence that a means has been provided or will be provided for connecting the sanitary sewage drain pipes from such building or other improvement with such sewer collection line.  No storm water or other surface or sub-surface water drain shall be connected with any sanitary sewer line hereafter constructed, nor shall any storm water, surface, or sub-surface water be otherwise introduced into any such sanitary sewage collection line.
(Ord. 1991-27, passed 12-12-91)