All owners, tenants, and occupants of any structure of any kind or nature situated on a lot or lots, within the city limits, through which any sewage collection line has been or is hereafter installed, or which abuts upon any streets, alleys or easements within the city limits in which there is hereafter installed a sewage collection line, or to which property a sewage collection line is extended, shall within 90 days following the date on which such sewage collection line is placed in operation, connect therewith all sanitary sewage drain pipes of such structures, with said sanitary sewage collection line, conveying thereby all of the sewage therefrom into said sewer system, such connections to be made in accordance with such rules and regulations as the city may from time to time duly establish; and the failure to make such connection is hereby declared unlawful and to constitute a nuisance.  A property must be within the incorporated limits of the city to connect into the sewer system.
(Ord. 1991-27, passed 12-12-91)  Penalty, see § 50.99