The zoning ordinance is a legal device for implementing the land use plan for a community. When properly enforced, it regulates the uses of land in the zoned areas of the Village in order to promote the health, safety, morals and the general welfare of the residents of the community. The ordinance permits the village to regulate and restrict:
   (1)   The height, number of stories, and the size of buildings and other structures.
   (2)   The percentage of the lot that may be occupied.
   (3)   The size of yards, courts, and open spaces.
   (4)   The density of population.
   (5)   The location and use of buildings, structures, and land for trade, industry, residency, or other purposes.
Environmental Effects
   The following effects on the environment are based on the assumption that the planning area will be developed in accordance with the Village's comprehensive planning program and controls adopted to fulfill the goals and objectives established in the program.
   The Zoning Ordinance will have several beneficial effects on the physical environment in the Village of Walnut Creek. These effects are:
   (1)   It will help insure compatible utilization of land.
   (2)   Aid the county in preserving open space.
   (3)   Protect flood prone areas.
   (4)   Protect woodlands as well as animal habitats.
   (5)   Lower population densities.
   (6)   Facilitate the design of water/sewer facilities based on planned densities and development.
   (7)   Protect property values.
   Since a zoning ordinance is basically positive in nature, its negative consequences on the environment are minimal.
Unavoidable Adverse Environmental Effects
   There are certain effects on the environment which cannot be avoided entirely when development occurs. (1) There are some losses of natural vegetation; (2) increases in water run-offs and waste products; (3) higher levels of air, water, and noise pollution may occur; (4) and some wildlife habitats may be disturbed, if not destroyed.
Alternatives to the Proposed Plan with Analysis
   The only alternative to this Zoning Ordinance is to take no action. The consequences would be uncontrolled and unplanned growth.
Short-Term Uses of the Environment Versus the Long-Term Maintenance and Enhancement of It
   In regard to short-term and long-term benefits, they are identical for the Village of Walnut Creek Zoning Ordinance. It will help preserve a quality environment for those living in Wayne County now and for those who will live there in the future.
Irreversible Commitments of Resources
   The document will not require the commitment of any resources. All existing federal, state and county environmental controls currently enforced will have some relationship to this zoning ordinance.
Mitigation Measures Proposed to Minimize the Impact
   Adoption and enforcement of this ordinance will mitigate some of the potential adverse environmental effects of urbanization.
Problems Raised During the Review Process
(Ord., passed 2-22-79)