Date submitted                         
   Preliminary Approval Date              
Name of Subdivision   
Owner and Address   
Surveyor and Address   
      Notice from The Village Clerk that performance guarantee has been accepted.
      Submitted within 12 months of preliminary plat approval.
      Four (4) copies submitted; one (1) reproducible and three (3) on paper.
      No larger than 21" x 30" nor less than 8-1/2" x 11".
      Scale: Not less than 1" equals 200 feet. Denoted graphically and numerically.
      Current filing fee.
      Required certificates.
      Name of subdivision; names of adjacent owners and subdivisions.
      Exact boundary lines, setback lines, and street names.
      Location of property lines; purposes of lands used for nonresidential purposes; location and dimensions of all rights-of- way, utility or other easements; location and purpose of land dedicated to public use.
      Plans for utility layouts.
      Site data and sufficient engineering data to determine deflection angles, radii, central angles, tangent distances, bearings, center lines of streets, etc.
      Street right-of-way and pavement width if required.
      Location of all monuments, markers, and control points.
      Copy of deed restrictions or similar covenants.
      Topographic map; north arrow and declination.
      Name(s) or township(s), county(s) and state in which subdivision is located.
      Date of plat preparation.
      Name(s), address(es), and telephone number(s), of owner(s), mortgagee(s), registered surveyor(s), land planner(s), and      , professional engineer(s) responsible for the subdivision.
   Approval of ownership and dedication        Date.
   Approval of water supply and sewage disposal systems        Date.
   Approval of survey and accuracy        Date.
Approval of the design and installation of utilities and other required improvements                       Date.
Planning Board approval           disapproval          ;                                       ;            Date.
Village Council approval          ; disapproval          ;                                 Date.
(Ord., passed 6-2-77; Am. Ord., passed 11-20-85; Am. Ord., passed 6-23-21)