(A)   Any establishment within the corporate limits of the village that has restaurant facilities seating 25 or more persons shall install suitable grease traps to prevent the passage of grease into the sewage treatment plant of the village. The grease traps shall be installed in such manner so that all waste from kitchens drains that includes grease shall pass through such grease traps before entering the sewer lines of the village. All other kitchen drains in such restaurant shall be equipped with a strainer so as to prevent passage of solids into the sewer lines of the village. The outlet of the grease trap shall be constructed in such a manner as to prevent the discharge of floating matter into the sewage system of the village.
   (B)   The grease traps are required by this section shall be properly maintained and solids shall be periodically removed from the grease traps.
   (C)   All plans and specifications for the grease traps as required by this section shall be submitted to the Village Engineer for approval prior to the installation of such grease traps.
   (D)   The grease traps required by this section shall be constructed and maintained so as to comply with all applicable laws and regulations of Wayne County and the State of North Carolina and shall be subject to regular inspection by the Village Engineer or his designee. Such establishment shall permit the Village Engineer for the person designated by him to enter the premises of such establishment for the purpose of conducting such inspection.
(Ord., passed 6-27-85)