(A)   Any person discharging waste water into the sanitary sewer of the village, except as indicated in division (B) of this section, shall pay a sewer service charge established by periodic resolution of the Village Council. The charges shall be based upon the metered water consumption.
   (B)   Any person using water supplied by the village utility system but not discharging waste water into the sewer system of the village shall not be charged a sewer service charge provided that a sanitary sewer line is not available to serve the property. In instances where a sanitary sewer line is available to serve the property, in lieu of connecting to the sewer system, the owner of developed property shall pay an availability charge for sewer services equal to the minimum periodic service charge for properties that are connected.
   (C)   Bills for sewer service shall be rendered in January, April, July and October of each year. Failure to make payment within 15 days of the mailing of a notice of intent to sever water and sewer service for failure to pay sewer charges shall result in severance of water service. Water service shall not be restored after severance until the person applying for reinstatement shall have paid to the village the cost of severance and restoration of water services, plus a penalty in the amount of $25.
(Ord., passed 7-1-12)