A.   Abandoned Iceboxes: No person shall leave in a place accessible to children an abandoned or discarded icebox, refrigerator or similar container without first removing the door.
   B.   Attractive Nuisances:
      1.   Prohibited: No owner or person in charge of property shall permit thereon:
         a.   Unsafe machinery, equipment, vehicles or other devices which are attractive, dangerous and accessible to children.
         b.   Lumber, logs or pilings placed or stored in a manner so as to be attractive, dangerous and accessible to children.
         c.   An open pit, quarry, cistern or other excavation without safeguards or barriers to prevent such places from being used by children.
      2.   Exception: This subsection shall not apply to authorized construction projects with reasonable safeguards to prevent injury or death to playing children.
   C.   Scattering Rubbish: No person shall deposit upon public or private property any kind of rubbish, trash, debris, refuse or any substance that would mar the appearance, create a stench or fire hazard, detract from the cleanliness or safety of the property, or would be likely to injure a person, animal or vehicle traveling upon a public way.
   D.   Trees And Bushes:
      1.   Trimming Required: No owner or person in charge of property that abuts upon any public sidewalk shall permit trees or bushes on his property to interfere with street or sidewalk traffic. It shall be the duty of an owner or person in charge of property that abuts upon a street or public sidewalk to keep all trees and bushes on his premises, including the adjoining parking strip, trimmed to a height of not less than eight feet (8') above the sidewalk and not less than fourteen feet (14') above the roadway.
      2.   Dead Or Decaying Tree: No owner or person in charge of property shall allow to stand any dead or decaying tree that is a hazard to the public or to person or property on or near the property.
   E.   Fences:
      1.   Barbed Wire: No owner or person in charge of property shall construct or maintain a barbed wire fence thereon, or allow barbed wire to remain as part of a fence, along a sidewalk or public way; except such wire may be placed about the top of other fencing not less than six feet six inches (6'6") high.
      2.   Electric Fence Prohibited: No owner or person in charge of property shall construct, maintain or operate an electric fence along a sidewalk or public way.
   F.   Surface Waters; Drainage:
      1.   Sidewalks: No owner or person in charge of any building or structure shall suffer or permit rainwater, ice or snow to fall from the building or structure onto a street or public sidewalk or to flow across the sidewalk.
      2.   Drainpipes: The owner or person in charge of property shall install and maintain in proper state of repair adequate drainpipes or a drainage system so that any overflow water accumulating on the roof or about the building is not carried across or upon the sidewalk.
   G.   Dangerous Excavations:
      1.   Barriers: No owner or person in charge of property shall allow an excavation to remain unguarded without suitable barriers.
      2.   Warning Lights: In addition to the barriers required by subsection G1 of this Section, any person creating, maintaining or in charge of such excavation shall ensure the installation and operation of warning lights, encompassing the excavation and reasonably noticeable to passersby.
   H.   Littering Prohibited:
      1.   To Throw, Deposit Or Accumulate Prohibited: No person shall throw, deposit or accumulate litter in or upon any public place or private premises within the City, except for collection, or except while such person is temporarily engaged in clearing said public place or private premises of litter or improving said public place or private premises.
      2.   Prohibited Deposits: No person shall deposit or cause to be deposited in any City-owned receptacle located in a public place, the garbage or litter which was accumulated in the residence or place of business occupied by said person.
   I.   Garbage And Refuse Containers: No owner or person in charge of a property shall allow the storage or accumulation of garbage, refuse or rubbish to be accumulated, unless contained in a sealed or sealable container designed for such purpose. A sealed or sealable garbage bag or sack alone is not sufficient; it shall be sealed in a container also.
   J.   Refuse Area Enclosure: All trash and/or garbage collection areas for commercial, industrial and multi-family residential uses shall be enclosed on at least three (3) sides by a solid wall or fence of at least four feet (4') in height or within an enclosed building or structure. Adequate vehicular access to and from such area for collection of trash and/or garbage shall be provided.
   K.   Unsightly Conditions: The exterior of all structures and yards shall be maintained in such manner that there is no detrimental effect on the property of others. There shall be no keeping, depositing on, or scattering over the property of any of the following:
      1.   Junk, trash or debris;
      2.   Abandoned, discarded or unused objects or equipment, such as automobiles, furniture, stoves, refrigerators, freezers, cans, containers or similar items;
      3.   Stagnant water or excavations; or
      4.   Any device, decoration, design, structure or vegetation which offends the visual sensibilities of a reasonable person by reason of its condition.
   L.   Structures: Any structure or part of a structure, which because of fire, wind or other natural disaster, or physical deterioration is no longer habitable as a dwelling nor useful for any other purpose for which it may have been intended, must be repaired or demolished within thirty (30) days of such an incident, or notice to the property owner, whichever is sooner.
   M.   Vacant Buildings: In any area within the City, any vacant dwelling, garage, or other outbuilding shall be kept securely locked and the windows kept glazed or neatly boarded up and otherwise protected to prevent vandalism or other types of tampering or fire hazard.
   N.   Discarded Vehicles: It shall be unlawful to store or permit the storing of a discarded vehicle upon any private property within the City, unless the vehicle is completely enclosed within a building, or unless it is in connection with and upon the property of a business enterprise dealing in junked vehicles lawfully conducted within the City. (Ord. 95-04, 5-30-1995)