A.   Duties Of Permit Applicant:
      1.   Compliance with city of Wallace land use ordinance and all other applicable ordinances of the city.
      2.   Has received final approval on a business/zoning development permit, variance, conditional use permit, temporary hardship, final subdivision plat, planned unit development, or zone change, if one is required.
      3.   Has received necessary water, sewer, and health permits. Permit approval through East Shoshone water district, South Fork Coeur d'Alene River sewer district, and Panhandle health district.
      4.   Has received an access, approach, or encroachment approval from the city when applicable.
      5.   Has a floodplain determination from the floodplain map for the city of Wallace with approval for an elevation certificate within the AI designation and/or an elevation certificate stamped by an Idaho licensed engineer, architect, or surveyor when the parcel is located in a special flood hazard area.
   B.   Work Exempt From Permit: Work exempt from permit shall include one-story detached accessory structures, provided the floor area does not exceed two hundred (200) square feet. (Ord. 2008-02, 2-13-2008)