A.   Adoption: The uniform plumbing code is hereby adopted by the city as an ordinance of the city as fully as if it were set forth at length herein, for the purpose of providing certain minimum standards and requirements for the use of and the design, construction, installation, improvement, extension and alteration of materials, piping, venting, fixtures, appliances and appurtenances in relation to "plumbing" and "plumbing systems" as defined in the Idaho Code and to provide that all plumbing and plumbing systems shall be designed, constructed, installed, improved, extended and altered in substantial accord with the uniform plumbing code published by the International Association Of Plumbing And Mechanical Officials, and as it shall be amended from time to time and as such amendments or revisions shall be adopted by the Idaho plumbing board. (2000 Code)
   B.   Copies On File: Three (3) copies of the uniform plumbing code, latest edition, together with all amendments thereto, duly certified by the city clerk/treasurer shall be kept on file in his office for use and examination of and by the public. (Ord. 418, 5-8-1973; amd. 2000 Code)