A.   Adoption: The City of Wallace hereby adopts the following Construction Codes and standards and shall enforce them with regard to all construction and development within the City of Wallace:
2009 International Building Code, building permit fees table A1 from 1997 Uniform Building Code.
2012 International Residential Code.
International Mechanical Code.
2012 International Energy Conservation Code.
2012 International Property Maintenance Code.
Idaho Manufactured Home Installation Standard (IMHIS).
American National Standard ICC/ANSI A117.1.
If later editions, revisions, or amendments of the foregoing codes or standards are promulgated, said later editions, revisions, or amendments shall be deemed to be the codes and standards adopted by this subsection when accepted by resolution of the Mayor and City Council. (Ord. 2002-02, 12-10-2002; amd. Ord. 2008-02, 2-13-2008; Ord. 2008-02A, 1-12-2011, eff. 1-12-2011; Ord. 2014-04, 12-10-2014, eff. 1-1-2015)
   B.   Copies On File: Copies of the codes adopted in this section, latest edition, and as the same may hereafter be amended, duly certified by the City Clerk/Treasurer shall be kept on file in the Office of the City Clerk/Treasurer for use and examination of and by the public. (Ord. 500, 12-13-1988; amd. 2000 Code; Ord. 2002-02, 12-10-2002)
   C.   Amendments:
      1.   Plan Check Fee: Plan check fee of twenty five percent (25%) of permit fee - construction over twenty five thousand dollars' ($25,000.00) valuation. (Ord. 2008-02, 2-13-2008)
      2.   Roof Snow Load: The minimum roof design snow load shall be sixty (60) pounds per square foot. (Ord. 2008-02, 2-13-2008; amd. Ord. 2008-02A, 1-12-2011, eff. 1-12-2011)
      3.   Concrete Foundation Walls: Concrete foundation walls shall be constructed as set forth in tables R404.1.1(1), R404.1.1(2), R404.1.1(3) and R404.1.1(4), and shall also comply with the provisions of this section and the applicable provisions of section R402.2. In the seismic design categories D1 and D2, concrete foundation walls shall comply with section R404.1.4.
      4.   Foundation Reinforcement: Minimum reinforcement for foundation walls (unless closer spacing is specified by design or engineering specifications) which do not exceed four feet (4') in height shall be four feet (4') on center for vertical reinforcement and two feet (2') on center for horizontal reinforcement. Foundation walls over four feet (4') in height (unless closer spacing is specified by design or engineering specifications) shall be eighteen inches (18") on center for horizontal and vertical reinforcement. All continuous footings will require a minimum of two (2) horizontal reinforcing bars. Reinforcing bars shall be a minimum size of #4 and may be a minimum grade of forty (40). (Ord. 2008-02, 2-13-2008)
      5.   Ground Snow Load: Ground snow load shall be eighty (80) pounds per square foot. (Ord. 2008-02A, 1-12-2011, eff. 1-12-2011)