4-1-13: HEARING:
   A.   Hearing Scheduled: Pursuant to a request, the City Council shall set a time, during the next Council meeting for a hearing to show cause why the nuisance should not be immediately abated.
   B.   Evidence; Testimony: The City Council shall receive the evidence and testimony of the Chief of Police or his agent and other interested persons concerning the existence, location and condition of the nuisance.
   C.   Council Findings: After hearing the evidence, the Council shall determine if the condition in question is in fact a violation of this Chapter and make their finding known by vote or executive order of the Mayor.
   D.   Consolidate Hearings: The Council may consolidate hearings if more than one nuisance is involved.
   E.   Notice Of Findings: Persons receiving the notice specified in this Chapter shall be notified, in writing, of the decision of the Council.
   F.   Extension Of Time: The Council may extend the time frame given to abate a nuisance or vehicle deemed to be in violation of this Chapter for good cause shown. (Ord. 95-04, 5-30-1995)