The Chief of Police is hereby empowered, whenever a public "nuisance" as defined in the foregoing Sections is discovered upon private property, to:
   A.   Investigation; Notice Of Violation: Make an investigation to discover the owner of the public nuisance and the person in charge of the property upon which public nuisance is located, and give a written notice to them, either in person or by certified mail, that the public nuisance is in violation of this Chapter.
   B.   Posting Notice On Vehicle: If the nuisance is a discarded vehicle and if the owner of the vehicle is not found, to place a notice upon the vehicle in clear view.
   C.   Contents Of Notice; Action To Be Taken: The notice shall state that a certain discarded vehicle or public nuisance is in violation of this Chapter, and that within three (3) days of the day of the sending or posting of the notice:
      1.   The vehicle or public nuisance must be removed from the City, or;
      2.   The vehicle must be removed to the storage yard of a business dealing in junked vehicles lawfully; or
      3.   The vehicle must be completely enclosed within a building.
   D.   Show Cause Hearing: The notice shall also state that the alternative to compliance with subsection C of this Section is to petition the City Clerk/Treasurer, in writing, within ten (10) days of the receipt of or posting of the notice, and request appearance before the City Council to show cause why such vehicle or public nuisance should not be immediately abated as provided in this Chapter.
   E.   Failure To Comply: The notice shall also state that failure to comply with this Chapter authorizes the City to remove the vehicle or public nuisance at the owner's or responsible person's expense and that violation of the Chapter is a misdemeanor violation and punishable pursuant to Section 4-1-17 of this Chapter. (Ord. 95-04, 5-30-1995)