§ 156.130  ACCESSORY USES.
   Accessory uses are defined in § 156.010 of this chapter and the following regulations shall apply to said accessory uses.
   (A)   Accessory buildings may only be constructed subsequent to the principal use being established and a building permit obtained for the principal building. No accessory building shall be used prior to the principal building or use, except as a construction facility for such principal use during construction. At no time shall it be used for residential purposes.
   (B)   Accessory buildings shall not exceed 14 feet, nor one story in height, unless specifically permitted in a given district.
   (C)   No accessory building shall be erected in any required front yard area or required side yard area abutting a street.
   (D)   In residential districts, an accessory building may be erected in the rear quarter of the lot and shall be located ten feet from the rear lot line and maintain the same side yard requirements as the principal building.
   (E)   Accessory buildings in a commercial or industrial district may occupy the rear yard space; provided that, such buildings do not occupy more than 45% of said space and shall be located no less than ten feet from the rear property line. If said rear line abuts a residential district, the greater distance shall prevail as prescribed in the district regulations.
(Ord. 9-80, passed 12-15-1980)