(A)   Temporary use of a mobile home located in other than a permitted area shall be by special use permit in accordance with the provisions established in §§ 156.100 through 156.107 of this chapter.
   (B)   The basis for authorization of a temporary special use permit shall be evidence of undue hardship such as during reconstruction of a home on the site after natural disaster, or hardship of a like nature.
      (1)   The special use permit shall provide for conformance with proper connection to water and sanitary sewer systems. A time limit upon such use shall be made and extension of the original time shall be contingent upon timely progress being made on the reconstruction of said home or other special circumstances that may be demonstrated.
      (2)   The mobile home shall be removed from the premises promptly upon completion of the reconstruction or special circumstance or at the end of the time limit provided, whichever shall come first.
(Ord. 9-80, passed 12-15-1980)