§ 156.061  DESCRIPTION.
   The districts outlined above are described as follows.
   (A)   R-1 Residential District. The R-1 Residential District will consist of single-family detached residential dwellings promoting healthy and safe living conditions for the residents and also permitting certain special uses that will not create a negative impact on the residential neighborhood.
   (B)   R-2 Residential District. The general character of the R-2 Residential District will permit single- family detached residential dwellings and two-family dwellings located in an environment which is meant to promote healthy and safe living standards for the residents while permitting specific special uses that will not create a substantial negative impact on residential neighborhoods.
   (C)   R-3 Residential District. The nature of the R-3 Residential District will combine single-family, two-family and multi-family dwellings in a medium density setting, promoting healthy and safe living conditions while providing a fuller choice of housing for all segments of the population. Certain special uses may be permitted providing they do not create a substantial negative impact on the residential aspects of the neighborhood.
   (D)   C-1 Commercial District. This district is basically designed for the central business district being the downtown core of the Town, comprising both the main office and retail center of the community. It is meant to serve the entire community and to provide room for the large variety of personal service, retail establishments, offices, and such, that benefit from a downtown location.
   (E)   C-2 Commercial District. This district is a neighborhood shopping district intended for locations where limited groups of small establishments may be appropriately located to serve the frequent retail and personal service needs of the immediate area. It is not the intent that this district permit major commercial establishments, nor highway oriented businesses.
   (F)   C-3 Commercial District. This district provides for shopping center development to encourage the grouping of retail and service establishments in a manner that will promote vehicular and pedestrian safety.
   (G)   C-4 Commercial District. This general commercial district is designed to permit free-standing commercial and highway oriented enterprises.
   (H)   I-1 Industrial District. The I-1 Industrial District is designed for the heavier commercial activities, warehousing and light manufacturing uses. Uses located within this district shall be so designed, constructed and operated that there is no production of sound discernible at the lot line in excess of the average street and traffic noise.
   (I)   I-2 Industrial District. Development within this district will be of a heavier industrial nature; for manufacturing and other such uses that must be protected from the intrusion of non-industrial uses which would impede the full utilization of industrial land.
   (J)   Floodway District. This district will delineate the area established by the State Natural Resources Commission as a commission floodway. Primary jurisdiction within this district will be exercised by said Natural Resource Commission with the Town Council having authority to place terms and conditions on any permit issued in this district which are more restrictive than those imposed by Natural Resources.
(Ord. 9-80, passed 12-15-1980)