§ 155.070  MONUMENTS.
   (A)   Monuments and markers shall be installed by the subdivider so that the top thereof is three to six inches below the proposed finished grade adjoining it, and the cross mark or other designation there shall coincide exactly with the intersecting or other lines marked and designated. Permanent monuments shall also contain elevation controls. Permanent concrete markers measuring six inches by six inches by 30 inches with iron pipe cast in the center shall be required at a minimum of at least two points on the exterior boundary of the plat. United States, state, county or other official monuments may substitute for the required two concrete monuments where they already exist and where coordinates are provided for these existing monuments.
   (B)   Permanent markers consisting of pipes or steel rods not less than three-fourths inch diameter and 30 inches in length shall be installed at:
      (1)   The intersection of all street and alley right-of-way lines within the proposed plat.
      (2)   The beginning and ending of all curves in street right-of-way lines including corner easements having a radius of 50 feet or less.
      (3)   All points where lot lines intersect street or alley right-of-way lines.
      (4)   All angles formed by intersection of lot lines.
      (5)   All other lot corners not established by a monument.
      (6)   All points required to delineate the location or extent of reservations, easements or dedications not otherwise defined.
   (C)   All United States, state, county or other official benchmarks, monuments or triangulation stations in or adjacent to the property shall be preserved in precise position.
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