§ 155.069  WATER SYSTEM.
   (A)   A water distribution system shall be designed and constructed by the subdivider to provide adequate water service for all lots in the proposed subdivision. A subdivision plat shall not be considered for final approval until improvement plans for a water system has been submitted.
   (B)   A permanent water distribution system including all pipes, fire hydrants, valves and other appurtenances shall be provided, and said distribution system shall be connected with an approved public water system in accordance with approved plans designed to the specifications and in accordance with local regulations.
   (C)   Fire hydrants shall be required for all subdivisions and shall be located no further than 1,000 feet apart and within 500 feet of any structure and shall be approved by the applicable protection unit. To eliminate future street openings, all underground utilities for fire hydrants, together with the fire hydrants themselves and all other supply improvements shall be installed before any final paving of a street shown on the subdivision plat.
   (D)   No final plat approval shall be given until the improvement plans for the water system have been approved by the Town Council.
(Ord. passed - -)