§ 155.060  IMPROVEMENTS.
   (A)   Subdivision improvements shall be designed, furnished and installed by the subdivider in accordance with the requirements of this chapter, state, county and Town specifications, when applicable. The higher or more restrictive requirements shall prevail.
   (B)   No subdivision plat shall be approved by the Plan Commission unless the following improvements have been completed as herein specified and required, or the subdivider provides a financial guarantee therefor as specified herein.
   (C)   (1)   After Commission approval of the preliminary plat and prior to any construction in the subdivision, the subdivider shall submit copies of the construction drawings for streets and drainage facilities for review by the Town Council at least 45 days before construction is to begin.
      (2)   Supervision and inspection of construction of all required improvements shall be under the direction of the Town Council.
(Ord. passed - -)