§ 155.043  LOT STANDARDS.
   (A)   Lot arrangement shall be such that there will be no foreseeable difficulties, for reasons of topography or other conditions, in securing building permits to build on all lots in compliance with Ch. 156 of this code of ordinances and providing driveway access to buildings on such lots from an approved street.
   (B)   Lot dimensions shall comply with the minimum standards of Ch. 156 of this code of ordinances. Lot size, width, depth and shape, grade, location and orientation shall be in proper relation to street and block design and to existing and proposed topographical conditions.
   (C)   Double frontage and reversed frontage lots shall be avoided except where necessary to provide separation of residential development from traffic arterials or to overcome specific disadvantages of topography and orientation.
   (D)   A subdivider shall be required to furnish and install fences wherever the Plan Commission determines a hazardous condition may exist. The type of fencing material and height shall be noted on the final plat.
   (E)   A no-access screen planting buffer strip of ten feet shall be provided along the lot lines adjoining an adverse influence or an arterial street or highway, if required by the Plan Commission. This requirement shall be noted on the final plat.
   (F)   Corner lots shall be sufficiently larger than interior lots to allow maintenance of setback lines on both streets. Side lines of lots shall be approximately at right angles or radial to the street line.
   (G)   Lots shall be laid out so as to provide positive drainage away from all buildings and individual lot drainage shall be coordinated with the general storm drainage pattern for the area. Drainage shall be designed so as to avoid concentration of storm drainage water from each lot to adjacent lots.
(Ord. passed - -)