A parcel of land that was in single ownership on the effective date of this chapter may be divided, as a minor subdivision, into not more than five lots, including the balance of the original tract as one of the five. The balance of the original tract, if any, or of any of the lots created, shall be further divided only as a major subdivision. A minor subdivision shall not involve the creation of any new street.
   (A)   Sketch plan or preliminary plan. Prior to the submission of the actual plat, the subdivider is encouraged to submit a sketch plan and consult informally with the Plan Commission. This will enable the subdivider to become familiar with the general requirements and conditions affecting the subdivision and avoid unnecessary revisions. The sketch plan should be in a tentative form with sufficient detail for informal review and comments. A preliminary plan, showing greater detail may also be used for the initial meeting with the Plan Commission.
   (B)   Final subdivision plat requirements.
      (1)   An original ink drawing on 24-inch by 36-inch vellum, linen or Mylar film at a scale of one inch equals 50 feet or one inch equals 100 feet. Five copies shall be submitted to the Plan Commission. The drawing shall show the following:
         (a)   Name of the proposed subdivision;
         (b)   Complete legal description of the subdivision which shall include section, township,
And range;
         (c)   Lot dimensions in feet and hundredths thereof, angles and/or bearings expressed in degrees, minutes and seconds;
         (d)   Lot numbers;
         (e)   Dimensioned building setback lines;
         (f)   Easements dimensioned and labeled as for their specific uses;
         (g)   All right-of-ways lines, widths of existing right-of-way and additional right-of-way required for dedication;
         (h)   Name, address, seal and certification of the registered land surveyor preparing or certifying the subdivision;
         (i)   Deed of dedication;
         (j)   Owner’s certification;
         (k)   Notarization and seal; and
         (l)   Scale, graphic bar scale, north point and date.
      (2)   Supporting data and drawing(s) on a sheet 24 inches by 36 inches, at a scale not less than one inch equals 100 feet required:
         (a)   The legal description and tract boundary drawing of the entire property which is being subdivided;
         (b)   Physical features such as wooded areas, swamps, wet lands and marshes;
         (c)   Existing topographic contours at vertical intervals of five feet or less from available data. United States Geological Survey data may be used;
         (d)   Future access plan for the entire property which is being subdivided, if applicable;
         (e)   Adjacent road(s), widths of rights-of-way, widths of improved roadway surface and the nearest major intersection;
         (f)   Soil information from the County Soil and Water Conservation District;
         (g)   Scale, graphic bar scale, north point and date;
         (h)   Name and address of subdivider;
         (i)   Name and address of registered land surveyor;
         (j)   Source of water supply and sewerage disposal indicated; and
         (k)   Proof of ownership of the property to be subdivided.
(Ord. passed - -)