(A)   The Commission shall, upon the filing of an application for final plat approval, review the final plat along with the accompanying data and determine whether or not the final plat meets all minimum requirements and standards of this chapter and of all other applicable ordinances of the Town. The Commission shall then take one of the following actions on the final plat within 30 days after its submission or a mutually agreed extension. (See § 155.097 of this chapter for a sample application.)
      (1)   If the Commission determines that upon the satisfactory completion of one or more specified conditions, consistent with the requirements, standards, and specifications of this chapter, said final plat would comply with the terms of this chapter, the Commission may give conditional approval to said plat. Conditional approval of a final plat may include a construction agreement which is acceptable to the Commission and would permit the subdivider to proceed with the installation of improvements prior to recording. Written notice of such conditional approval shall constitute formal authorization to the subdivider to construct and install all or a part of the required improvements, subject to inspection and acceptance procedures required by this chapter. The subdivider shall furnish sufficient evidence to the Commission of the satisfactory completion of such conditions before said plat will be deemed “final approval for record”.
      (2)   The Commission shall approve the final plat for record only after it has determined that the final plat meets the minimum requirements of this chapter and all applicable ordinances in the Town and that sufficient financial guarantees have been submitted in accordance with this chapter.
      (3)   Should the Commission decide to disapprove the plat, written notice of such action, together with reasons therefor, shall be transmitted to the subdivider. Such action shall also be entered on the official records of the Commission; provided, however, that, nothing contained therein shall prejudice the subdivider’s ability to make reapplication for final plat approval according to the terms of this chapter.
   (B)   Upon approval of the final plat, the Commission shall indicate upon each copy that it has been approved. One copy shall be returned to the subdivider, along with the written statement indicating the action taken by the Commission. If approved with conditions, a written copy of the conditions shall accompany each copy of the approved final plat. (See § 155.089 of this chapter for a sample approval.)
   (C)   Final approval of a plat by the Commission shall not be construed as an acceptance by the public of the offer of dedication, of any street improvement, utility improvement or open space improvement, within such areas shown upon the plat unless such acceptance is endorsed by the Town Council upon the original tracing of the final plat.
   (D)   After the Commission has granted final approval of the plat for record, the officers shall affix their signatures to the original tracing and the subdivider shall record the plat with the Recorder of the county within three months. If not recorded within this time, the approval shall be null and void.
   (E)   The subdivider shall pay the recording fee, and file with the Plan Commission four prints of the approved final plat, including restrictive covenants, as recorded. One reproducible print of the final plat, as recorded, shall be filed and retained in the office of the County Surveyor. Until such prints have been so filed, no building permit, shall be issued for any lot shown upon said plat.
(Ord. passed - -)