The Plan Commission shall review any subdivision of a parcel of land and determine if the parcel is in conformity with the Comprehensive Plan.
   (A)   The person desiring approval of a plat shall submit to the Plan Commission a written application for preliminary plat approval. (See § 155.096 of this chapter for a sample application.)
   (B)   The Commission shall, upon receiving an application for preliminary plat approval, review the plat along with the accompanying exhibits. If it is determined that the requirements and standards of this chapter have been substantially met, the Commission shall docket a date for hearing, for the next Commission meeting, notify the applicant and give notice of public hearing as required by law. If the Commission determines that the preliminary plat does not meet the requirements and standards have not been substantially v met, the application for preliminary plat approval shall not be docketed for hearing, but immediately returned to the subdivider with reasons for disapproval.
   (C)   Following the public hearing, the Commission may then approve the preliminary plat, approve subject to conditions or request additional information on specific technical matters, or disapprove it. The Commission may require such changes or revisions as are deemed necessary in the interest and needs of the community.
   (D)   Approval of a preliminary plat shall not constitute approval of a final plat. Rather, it shall be deemed an expression of approval to the layout submitted on the preliminary plat, as a guide to the preparation of the final plat. Approval of the preliminary plat will terminate two years after the date of approval unless further extended by the Commission upon written request of the subdivider.
   (E)   Upon approval of the preliminary plat, the Commission will indicate upon each copy that it has been approved. One copy shall be returned to the subdivider along with a written statement indicating the action taken by the Commission. If approved with conditions, a written copy of the conditions shall accompany each copy of the approved plat.
      (1)   If disapproved, the Commission shall return to the subdivider one copy of the plat marked “Disapproved by the Walkerton Plan Commission”, along with a written statement indicating the reason or reasons for its disapproval.
      (2)   If the disapproval is based on reasons which can be corrected by the subdivider, such changes may be made by the subdivider and the preliminary plat returned to the Plan Commission for reconsideration.
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