§ 155.013  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   AGRICULTURAL PURPOSES. The use of a tract of land for agricultural purposes only, which shall include farming, dairying, pasturing, agriculture, horticulture, floriculture, viticulture and animal and poultry husbandry.
   BUILDING LINE. A line drawn parallel to a lot line any distance therefrom equal to the depth of a minimum required yard for the zone in which the lot is located and as established by Ch. 156 of this code of ordinances.
   COMPREHENSIVE PLAN. A composite, or portion thereof, of the mapped and written proposals and recommendations relative to the growth and development of a given planning area which shall have been duly adopted by the Town Council.
   EASEMENT. A grant by a property owner for the use of a strip of land by the general public, public utilities or certain persons for a specific purpose or purposes not inconsistent with the general property rights of the owner.
   FEASIBILITY REPORT. A written report prepared by a professional engineer or land surveyor pertaining to the suitability of a site for various types of water and sewer systems; for drainage retention/detention and the subsoil conditions for various methods of street construction.
   FINAL PLAT. A drawing, in final form, showing the subdivision plan and containing all the information required by the Plan Commission for approval and which, if approved, may be duly filed and recorded by the applicant in the office of the County Recorder.
   LOT. A parcel or portion of land separated from other parcels or portions by a description as on a subdivision, or record of survey map, or by metes and bounds for purpose of sale, lease or separate use. In computing the number of lots in a subdivision, any portion remaining to the owner and not intended for sale shall, nevertheless, be considered a LOT.
   NO ACCESS EASEMENT. Public easement along a public right-of-way, across which, the access to a property is not permitted.
   OFFICE OF THE RECORDER. The Recorder’s Office of St. Joseph County, Indiana.
   OWNER. Any individual, firm, partnership or corporation, having sufficient proprietary interest in the land sought to be subdivided, to commence and maintain proceedings to subdivide the same under this chapter.
   PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE. Any guarantee which may be accepted in lieu of a requirement that certain improvements be made before the Commission approves the final plat, including, but not limited to, performance bonds, escrow agreements or surety arrangements as approved as valid and enforceable by the Town Council.
   PRELIMINARY PLAT. The map and supporting information indicating the proposed layout of the subdivision which is presented to the Commission for consideration and approval in accordance with the regulations of this chapter.
   PUBLIC SEWER. A sewage disposal system which is constructed, installed, maintained, operated and owned by a municipality, taxing district established for that purpose, or a utility under the jurisdiction of the Public Service Commission of the state, but shall not include a county sewer installed for the purpose of carrying surface water runoff and sub-soil drainage.
   PUBLIC UTILITY. A firm, corporation, municipal department or board duly authorized to furnish or furnishing under regulation to the public electricity, gas, steam, communication (including CATV), transportation, drainage, sewer and water.
   PUBLIC WATER. A water supply system which is constructed, installed, maintained, operated and owned by a municipality, taxing district established for that purpose, or a utility under the jurisdiction of the Public Service Commission of the state.
   REGISTERED ENGINEER. An engineer who is licensed in compliance with the laws of the state.
   REGISTERED LAND SURVEYOR. A surveyor who is licensed in compliance with the laws of the state.
   RESERVE STRIP. An area of land adjacent to a public right-of-way which is retained in ownership by the subdivider for the purpose of denying access to the adjacent land.
   RIGHT-OF-WAY. A strip of land appropriated for public use as a street, highway, driveway, alley or walkway or for any drainage or public utility purpose or other similar uses.
   SKETCH PLAN. A sketch preparatory to the preparation of the preliminary plat or, in the case of a minor subdivision, of the final plat, to enable the subdivider to save time and expense in reaching general agreement with the Plan Commission as to the form of the final plat.
   STANDARDS. A specific and detailed listing of materials and construction methods for subdivision improvements and standards of construction and design, as adopted by the Town Council.
   STREET. The space or area between the lot lines, abutting upon a right-of-way and designed as a way for vehicular traffic whether designated as an alley, street, highway, throughway, freeway, expressway, road, avenue, boulevard, land, place or however otherwise designated.
      (1)   ARTERIAL. Any roadway that provides for through traffic movements between areas within the county and through the county.
      (2)   ARTERIAL, PRINCIPAL. Limited-access highways which carry large volumes of interstate traffic and have more importance regionally than locally. They often contain four or more moving lanes and permit a continuous high speed traffic flow. These highways have a high order of design and construction requirements.
      (3)   COLLECTOR. A street which carries traffic from local streets to arterial streets, and may include the principal entrance street of residential developments.
      (4)   CUL-DE-SAC. A dead-end street permanently terminated by a vehicle turn-around.
      (5)   LOCAL. Any roadway, the primary function of which is to provide direct access to residential, commercial, industrial or other abutting real estate.
      (6)   LOOP STREET. Any street which has its origin and termination point with the same street and forms a loop or “U” of various shapes or proportions.
      (7)   MARGINAL SERVICE ROAD. A minor road which is parallel and adjacent to a thoroughfare, and which provides access to abutting properties and protection from through traffic.
   SUBDIVIDER. The owner or the authorized agent of the owner, of the parcel of land being subdivided.
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