(A)   Procedure for resubdivision. For any change in an approved or recorded subdivision plat if such change affects any street layout, or area reserved for public use, or any lot line, such change shall be approved by the Plan Commission by the same procedure, rules and regulations as for a minor or major subdivision, depending on the degree of the replatting. (See § 155.098 of this chapter for a sample application for replat.)
   (B)   Procedure for subdivision where future resubdivision is indicated. Whenever a parcel of land is subdivided and the subdivision plat shows one or more lots containing more than one acre of land and there are indications that such lots will eventually be resubdivided into smaller building sites, the Plan Commission may require such parcel of land to allow for the future opening of streets and the ultimate opening of adjacent streets. Easements providing for the future opening and extension of streets may be made a requirement of the plat.
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