§ 152.03  STANDARDS.
   (A)   Permitted placement. The establishment, location and use of manufactured homes as scattered- site residences shall be permitted in any zone permitting installation of a dwelling unit subject to requirements and limitations applying generally to such residential use in the district; and, provided, such homes shall meet the following requirements and limitations.
      (1)   The home shall meet all requirements applicable to single-family dwellings and possess all necessary improvement location, building and occupancy permits and other certifications required by the code.
      (2)   The home shall be larger than 950 square feet of occupied space or meet the minimum square footage requirements for the appropriate zone.
      (3)   The home shall be attached and anchored to a permanent foundation in conformance with the regulations in the State One- and Two-Family Dwelling Code and with manufacturer’s installation specifications.
      (4)   The home shall be covered with an exterior material customarily used on site built residential dwellings, and such material shall extend over the top of the foundation (or meet the community’s site built residential dwelling home standards).
      (5)   The home shall have a roof composed of a material customarily used on site built residential dwellings, such as asbestos, fiberglass, shake, asphalt or tile, which shall be installed onto a surface appropriately pitched for the materials used.
   (B)   Placement with permit. Mobile homes shall be permitted within the Town only after receiving a special use permit from the Town Plan Commission pursuant to §§ 156.100 through 156.107 of this code of ordinances.
   (C)   Structural alteration. Due to its integral design, any structural alteration or modification of a manufactured or mobile home after it is placed on the site must be approved by the Plan Commission of the Town.
(2005 Code, § 123.3)  (Ord. 1982-8, passed 8-30-1982)