(a)    The meter installation shall normally be located outdoors on the dwelling unit not less than thirty-six (36") inches and not more than sixty (60") inches in height from the finished grade and shall be accessible to the meter reader at any time.
   (b)    At the option of the utility, the meter may be located indoors at a suitable location to be provided by the consumer.  If installed indoors, the utility reserves the right to install an outdoor remote meter reading device, the cost of which shall be added to the applicable tap fee and service line charge as set forth in this chapter.
   (c)    All meters shall be located so that the meter will not be subject to freezing under normal water use conditions of the consumer.  Any freezing of the meter due to the premises being unoccupied shall be the responsibility of the property owner.
   (d)    To the extent required and depending upon whether the meter is installed indoors or outdoors, the utility shall furnish, install, maintain, and own the water meter, the meter housing (if installed outdoors), curb shut-off box, meter mounting yoke, and any and all accessory equipment.
   (e)    Before the meter and service line tap is made, the consumer shall make the advance deposit as set forth in this chapter.
(Ord. 2007-O-17.  Passed 9-11-06.)