Village water system customers desiring to utilize Village water for filling their swimming pools shall give two days notice to the Village for scheduling of this service. Upon receipt of a request to fill a  swimming pool, a Village employee shall measure the pool to be filled and report the number of gallons to be used to the Fiscal Officer.  Then, the Fiscal Officer shall give the water system customer a credit on his, her or their sewer billing based upon the number of gallons to be used to fill the pool per one thousand gallons utilized.  The amount of the per one thousand gallon credit shall be the sewer user fee as determined by Council on an annual basis.  The water system customer may fill the pool at his, her or their convenience through the garden hose only after the Village employee has measured the pool and determined the number of gallons to be used.
(Ord. 2000-0-32.  Passed 10-9-00.)