751.01  FEE.
   (a)   Council has determined that it is necessary to establish a Video Service Provider Fee for the benefit of the Village.  Council hereby establishes a Video Service Provider Fee of five percent (5%) of the gross revenue of each and every video service provider who provides video service within the corporate limits of the Village of Wakeman, Ohio, pursuant to a Video Service Authorization issued pursuant to Ohio R.C. 1332.21 through 1332.34.  The Video Service Provider Fee shall be computed as set forth in Ohio R.C.1332.32.  Furthermore, for purposes of this section, gross revenue shall also include advertising revenue as defined in Ohio R.C.1332.32(B)(1)(g).
   (b)   Immediately upon receipt of the notice as required by Ohio R.C. 1332.27  relative to a video service provider giving notification to the Village of its intent to provide video service within the corporate limits of the Village, the Village Fiscal Officer is hereby authorized and directed to send a certified copy of this section to said video service provider in order to initiate the Video Service Provider Fee as set forth above.
(Ord. 2008-O-20.  Passed 8-11-08.)